10 Under 10

Looking for a quick appetizer to entertain at home? How about healthy options for the little ones? This appetizer can be done in minutes under 10 USD.



Cream cheese (can be replaced with goat cheese, or cottage cheese or any spread similar to cheese)

Fruit of your choice

Whole wheat mini toasts, crackers, or crisps. I used mini toasts but you can also try crisps. The crisps come in different flavors and are low calories. Best part is my little one loves this appetizer.



Spread some cream cheese on your mini toasts. Put some fruit on the top layer. Repeat this steps. Place the mini toasts on a cutting board or a platter and decorate the platter with fruit.


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  1. Calvin says:

    Nice cheese appetizer plate

  2. morgan zach says:

    Omg great Ideas!!!

  3. Brittany Potter says:

    Thank you for sharing! Sounds yummy!

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