I wish I knew: Satellite Radio

If you spent a lot of time commuting to work, you need satellite radio. I have Sirius XM Satellite Radio and I could not live without it.

I am always out and about unless I am at home cooking or looking for fashion pieces and I also like to day trade on my spare time so satellite radio for me it has become a necessity in my life.

Before I was introduced to it I thought it was a waste of money, plus, they give you an introductory price and then the next year bum you pay almost double the price for the yearly membership.

Because I am a spender I also love saving money. You will rarely see me buying something and paying for something the full price. I always ask for a discount. Worst case scenario is somebody will say no right?

So when you get a new car or a certified car, they usually give you a free three-month subscription to try the satellite radio and then, you can subscribe for the one-year subscription. The rates vary from 99$ to $129 per year (all the extras, streaming in a computer, etc). If you don’t do your research after the first year they will automatically bill to your credit card for the second year renewal and you will pay about 220$ plus taxes for the second year.

The best thing to do is after you subscribe for the first year call them back and ask them to remove your credit card information from their system. That will avoid the unpleasant surprise of the payment for the second year.

Then, once your satellite radio subscription is expired, call them back and ask for an offer. Tell them you would like to renew with them but if they can give you the $99/year or the $129/year depending on the package you want. If the representative doesn’t want to give you that price, hang up the phone and call back again and ask a new representative for a lower price. I gave that advice to a couple of friends and they were shocked that they got the discounted price.

Image taken by Sirius Satellite Radio.

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