Best Magazine and Online Website for Finances

The best magazine I have found so far is Kiplinger. They offer an introductory price and it has tons of advise on what to invest, taxes, irs information, credit card, and more. Kiplinger’s website is

You can get this magazine in the mail for $12 for the entire year. Then, it goes to about $20 per year. Still worth every penny.

I love numbers so Day Trading for me is one of my passions. The best website I found is CNBC. It’s free. They also has more features if you sign up for their premium membership but truthfully I have never needed more of what they offer for free.

Other websites I use are Seeking Alpha. The problem with this website is that you will get a lot of newsletters and I get annoyed about that.

I also follow Gary K and Cramer. They are both very different and both very interesting to listen.

I will talk more about both of them in future posts.

For now, enjoy the holidays and start working on those New Year resolutions.

Image: CNBC app


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