The Trump Rally is Almost Over

Let’s be honest, stocks are overpriced. Investors are getting calls from people to wether they should jump in the market or wait and some are saying that the market is still going up. People don’t want to miss the rally and they keep investing and that’s why the market keeps going up.

I believed the market volatile will continue at least for the next couple of Monday since Mr. Trump is taking office in 2 weeks and a lot of different laws already started to kick in 2017.

For example, his immigration law is a mess. California has 1/3 of people falling under the DACA and they support immigration laws from the Obama administration.The State is so concerned they have hired the law firm that Eric Holder works for to fight the Trump administration.

Do you know that now in Colorado is a crime to pass a pet as a service dog? That in California, phone laws are changing while been on the road. The laws vary per state so that whole dynamic and volatile is what people need to make money in the stock market.

My advise, if you already made a nice profit in certain stocks sell them. Take your profit and wait for the next crash. The last crash was Brexit and I believe we could potentially have a similar crash this month or next month.

Don’t forget. But hi and sell low. Or go back to earnings.

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