Porto Vino Wine Purse Review


Porto Vino Wine Purse Polymathmom
Porto Vino Wine Purse

Hi lovelies. Here is a short review on my new purse. I took it to the beach and I will be using it a lot.

This purse is stylish, roomy, and a wine purse. Yep. You read right a wine purse. Where have you been all my life? It has a pouch inside where you can put your wine up to 750ml and space for some ice packs. I put in my purse a nice glass, my headphones, snacks, and voila!

I had an awesome morning at the beach listening to music and sipping some wine while my kiddos were playing and hubby was working on his tan.

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To watch a video I created on this amazing purse. Go to:

The purse is available at

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Top: Victoria Secret

Earrings: Chanel

Headband: Nordstrom


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  1. Great post!

    1. thepolymathmom says:

      Thank you!

  2. John Peters says:

    Love your style

  3. Calvin says:

    Really crazy neat purse, I heard of it a year ago

  4. sharonchyy says:

    Fantastic post

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