This is your Wake Up Call with Walgreens

Sponsored by Walgreens

This is your Wake-Up Call. I am partnering with @walgreens to bring awareness to drug adherence and inspire you to live healthy. We all have different health issues and you are not alone.


Making sure that I am consistent taking my medication is very important for me. I have two little ones so I need to ensure I can take care of myself so I can help taking care of my loved ones. Use the Walgreens App for preorder, refill, reminders or have your medication delivered to your door.


I want to share that I’ve been battling over the past 25 years with a chronic condition. I’ve been given so many different tests and treatments until 8 years ago I was lucky to find the right doctor and the right pharmacy. Walgreens has been my pharmacy of choice since staff is always very helpful, informative and kind. It was 8 years ago when a doctor finally figured out how to help me. I was switched from a strong medication to OTC medicine while having a healthy diet and my Walgreens pharmacist was so kind to let me know that the pharmacy had a generic OTC for half the price. I was so happy to be able to go over both my pregnancies just taking a generic OTC medication that wouldn’t affect my baby’s health. #☎️ #drugcompliance

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