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I get so many questions about day trading and other ways to invest when somebody is not comfortable investing on their own. I am sharing today @diversyfund, an alternative investment platform. You can invest like the 1% and best of all, they are very transparent. You can open your account online and monitor your investments. They offer a portfolio of commercial real estate assets.  First of all, anybody that I know that day trades gets between 8% on average. I am a very aggressive day trader, however, and I can typically gain 30-40% but some days I honestly chew my nails. It requires a lot of hours of research. This site offers consistent returns which is impossible to find as a day trader.

If you want to invest safely, this is the perfect way of doing it. You only need $500 to open an account, they are no-fee platform. In this case, you are buying shares of a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). I’ve bought and sold homes in the past and I rent homes and I can honestly tell you that this is a great investment. The housing market on rental homes and multifamily properties keeps growing dramatically. I was looking at their properties and they have some great locations in their portfolio and their track record of returns over 17% is impressive. That, my friend, is a steal and a great way to diversify your portfolio and you don’t have to manage any property or do anything.  It’s a true passive investment with no real estate experience needed.

You can also convert your 401k into an IRA and invest.

As a landlord, I would get a return of 10% after expenses, maintenance, repairs, etc so @diversyfund has found the most lucrative and safe way to make money for their investors. They got a dedicated team of experts that are devoted to ensure your investment is safe.

Make sure to go to their site https://diversyfund.com to get started.

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